Wife, Please Stop Running Away!

  • Novel status: Ongoing (24 chapters)

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Lin Mian Mian, age 23, was died in a car crash. He was transmigrated to a world where there are three genders: the male, female, and ger. Ger are males that can carry children and give birth like females. To classify males from gers, gers has these red markings called cinnabar that corresponds to their fertility: the darker the red the higher the ability of the ger to conceive. Lin Mian Mian was transferred to a body of a ger with a light colored cinnabar. His first time after transmigrating, Lin Mian Mian was assaulted by a good-looking perverted man!

“Let’s do it, babe. Time to make babies,” the stranger withdrawn his fingers leaving a wide gap to the exit.

Lin Mian Mian: ???!

Source: Wattpad JanlouMitsitsiyo

Julik’s opinion: Well, I would say that this is a robust novel, not best one out there, but it definitely worth my reading time and I can suggest it. Smut scenes are present, they are good! The story is present, it is good as well! If you are not bored already with ancient Chinese Harem stories this is a good shot!