Lawless Gangster (不法之徒)

  • Novel status: Completed (79 chapters + 5 extras)
  • Translation status: Completed

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Synopsis: What was meant to be a quick breakage of their sibling’s relationship, brought about a lingering memory of Xiao Li’s piercing gaze, imprinting itself in Qi Xiu Yuan’s heart? Several encounters later, friendship was the underlying word to start off their relationship, yet for Qi Xiu Yuan it had always been something more. Something stronger. For Xiao Li, who had only known the criminal world, how will he take on feelings that he had never felt before?

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Julik’s opinion: I like the setting of this novel, gangs, the gang leader who is just ordinary human. Sometimes the novel gives reader ‘Banana Fish’ vibes, but overall it is totally different, there is no ‘magic’ and ‘overpowered’ the main character. There are sweetness and drama, forbidden relationships and crimes. I would say that this is a solid novel, that has a rich story and a good setting. Enjoy it, These guys are lovely!