Color Recipe (カラーレシピ)

Adult, Drama, Smut, Yaoi

Status: Completed (2 Volumes)

Manga Updates: Color Recipe

Synopsis: Shoukichi is a stylist who struggles with being unpopular due to him being unfriendly and overly serious about everything. Fukusuke, a top stylist who is frivolous and sarcastic, starts working at Shoukichi’s salon. One night, Shoukichi lets Fukusuke stay over at his place because Fukusuke missed the last train. While Shoukichi is sleeping, Fukusuke climbs on top of him and pushes his dick in his face. Because of this perverted thing that Fukusuke does, Shoukichi begins to hate him more and more. However, as creepy things continue to happen to Shoukichi, his thoughts about Fukusuke begin to change…

Source: Chocobees

Julik’s opinion: It is a manga about abusive relationships. One guy really wants to be with another, the plot seems to be ordinary, but seme is the kinda crazy abusive guy. There is no romance tag in this manga description just because even both characters at some point think that this is love, there is no romatic fluffy stuff here. But I really love the setting of hair saloon and guys being hair stylists tho!