Childhood Apocalypse

  • Novel status: Completed (89 chapters)

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Synopsis: Qiú ZhīRong, a soldier and a former Zombie King got reborn back to 10 years ago when he was still human. It was 1 month before the Apocalypse started. Knowing what was coming to the future, this time he was going to save his childhood friend Fù HuángJīn from losing his arm! But ah, what’s this? Why is everything changed now? Why does the guy still have the cold killing intent in his eyes?
ML: You saved me?
ZhīRong: I had to, you are my childhood friend.
ML: Then I have to repay you more than 100 times.
ZhīRong: …. Save me.|

Source: Wattpad,Gaia-Jupiter

Julik’s opinion: Well, this was a tough decision whether to recommend this novel or not, it is probably not my cup of tea, but someone may like it! There are definitely a lot of pros! First of all, the story is decent, the second love story is very good, third – I like the setting and the length of the novel. As for cons, it is a little bit predictive, after you’ve read a lot of this genre. This story is published on wattpad originally, so there are a lot of comments and author updates that are not related to the story, skip them! And the interesting part is that the author is a pretty young virgin soul, who is 15 years old and gets my compliments for writing naive sex scenes so well.

So my recommendation is mainly because I am paying respects to the author.