An easy target (호구 하경수)

Genres: Yaoi, Drama, Abuse, Betrayal

Status: Completed (70 Chapters)

Lezhin: An easy target

Manga Updates: An easy target

Synopsis: Kyung-soo’s spent the past three years trying to forget about one traumatic night. It isn’t until he meets Dong-hyuk that he gets a full night’s sleep. One night without the nightmare of being tied down by a room full of men under the watchful eyes of Yule.

Source: Lezhin

Julik’s opinion: This is very (!) abusive story about rape, PTSD, madness and probably Stockholm Syndrome. There is no romance and no beautiful love, it is just hardcore torture of submissive character. One of the main characters is just evil another one is just pathetic. I wouldn’t recommend this one to anyone, but I read it till the end with mixed feelings. Reading this manhwa is like eating broken glass!