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The Underworld Chronicles

Novel Status: Completed (24 Books)

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Novel status: Completed (21 Chapters)

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Big God, Your Wife Went Offline! (大神,你老婆掉了!)

Novel status: Completed. Short Novel

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Wife, Please Stop Running Away!

Novel status: Ongoing (24 chapters)

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Secret Nights in the Inner Palace

こうきゅうひや~はていとそうかのちょうひ~ Novel status: Completed (7 chapters)

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The Baker on the First Floor (아랫집 제빵사)

Genres: Adult, Drama, Romance, Yaoi Status: Completed (46 Chapters + Epilogue)

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Game genre: Visual Novel, Dark Themes, Drama, Mystery Game release date: February, 2005

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BJ Alex (BJ 알렉스)

Genres: Comedy Drama School Life Slice of Life Smut Yaoi Status: Ongoing (77 Chapters + 3 Special)

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Color Recipe (カラーレシピ)

Genres: Adult, Drama, Smut, Yaoi Status: Completed (2 Volumes) Manga Updates: Color Recipe Synopsis: Shoukichi is a stylist who struggles…

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Beloved Enemy (决对争锋)

Novel status: Completed (118 chapters + 2 extra)